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What’s with the ‘anti-sex’ beds provided at the Tokyo Olympics?

"Suitable for both sex and saving the planet."

TOKYO – If you’ve catching up with all the Olympic action, the one topic that would’ve caught your eye are the so-called ‘anti-sex’ beds.

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Created by Japanese company Airweave, the beds are made from 100% cardboard and can withstand up to 200kg. They are also the first of its kind to be made entirely from renewable materials.

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Anti-sex beds at the tokyo olympics.
Source: Twitter/PaulChelimous

The ‘anti-sex’ concept was speculated by American runner Paul Chelimo, who claimed in a Tweet that the beds were meant to discourage intimacy among athletes.

However, that claim was quickly debunked when Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan posted a video of him jumping vigorously on the bed and called it ‘fake news’ when it failed to break.

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Source: Twitter/Rhys McClenaghan

Nine other athletes also put the bed to the test in a viral TikTok video, where it finally cracked under the pressure of full grown men pounding their weight into the anti-sex beds. *ahem*

Anti-sex beds at the tokyo olympics.
Source: Insider

However, the video has since been deleted.

Whether you’re a fan of this sustainable concept or not, it will definitely leave a lasting legacy even after the Olympics.

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Cover via: Twitter/PaulChelimous and Insider

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