“We’re going insane!” Foreign workers plead with employer to resume operations

Many said that they had no income for more than 30 days.

MUAR – With the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) in effect, non-essential industries across the country have been forced to close. Unfortunately, this has also adversely affected foreign workers who depend on their daily wage to survive and sustain their families back in their hometown.

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(Photo via Daily Express)

A group of foreign workers from a furniture factory in Johor recently spoke to Sin Chew Daily regarding the predicament they were in, with most of them saying that their families were (and still are) relying on them to send money back home.

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“We’ve no money to give our families, and our hostel rations are running short.”

(Photo via Sin Chew Daily)

This group also said that they have been without work for more than 30 days and pleaded with their employers to resume operations so that they could earn a living.

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A Nepali worker who only wanted to be known as Adnan, said his father is currently in the hospital after falling sick and is in dire need of finances for his treatment.

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“I haven’t sent him any money for a month, and I don’t know what else to do.

“We are going insane! Everyone will die if this goes on. Boss, I beg of you to help us!”

With the FMCO bound to be extended further, these foreign workers can only hope that the government would allow the furniture factory to reopen as soon as possible.

(Photo via Sin Chew Daily)

Furniture manufacturer Mrs Lim expressed her sympathy for the foreign workers’ plight but admitted that the industry is struggling to sustain itself too.

“This MCO has caused serious damage to the furniture industry. If the lockdown continues, I believe many manufacturers will go bankrupt.”

She noted that many employers are facing tremendous financial strain and mental stress in the face of dwindling sales and having to pay the salaries and meal allowances of both local and foreign workers.

“I hope the government will not blindly close factories as many COVID-19 factory clusters aren’t caused by foreign workers. They also need to devise a strategy that will prevent more cases and not cripple the economy anymore,” she said.

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Sources: Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

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