S’porean Couple Spend RM3,200 To Hold Their Wedding At McDonald’s

They're lovin' it.

McDonald’s has long been the go-to place to hold parties and gatherings. But would you imagine a couple holding a wedding there?

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This was what a Singaporean couple did for theirs on July 19, where they exchanged their wedding vows in the presence of 55 close family members and friends at a McDonald’s outlet in West Coast Park.

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‘Why don’t we have wedding at McDonald’s?’

The newlyweds, Elson Tong and Yong Yong Qing, first met each other during their junior college days in 2015 and have been in a relationship for seven years.

In April 2021, Tong joked to Yong that he would marry buttermilk crispy chicken burger given the fact that it was his favorite item on the menu.

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In response, Yong jokingly asked, ‘Why don’t we get married at McDonald’s?’

Although it was meant to be a joke, the couple soon loved the idea and saw that McDonald’s was the perfect place to have a fun and relaxing wedding.

“It reflects our personalities as a couple; we like to keep things simple and fuss-free. We also wanted our guests to be able to dress comfortably,” Yong told The Straits Times.

Spent RM3,200 on wedding

When the pair announced their decision to have the wedding at McDonald’s, their families were initially stunned but eventually gave their approval.

Yong then made a booking at the West Coast Park outlet in May and booked the entire pavilion on a weekday to avoid the crowds. As for the wedding invitations, it came in the form of McDonald’s coupons.

All in all, the couple paid $700 (RM3152.10) for the food and venue.

‘We’re lovin’ it!’

On the day of the wedding, both Yong and Tong decorated the McDonald’s outlet with drapes, flowers and balloons and were assisted by family members.

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The guests also wore outfits that fit the fast food chain’s theme colours, where they were clad in shades of red and yellow.

Needless to say, the wedding was a huge success and the couple couldn’t have been happier.

“We felt it was the perfect ceremony for us – with the people we love and at a place where we feel at home. In the words of the McDonald’s slogan, we’re lovin’ it.”

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What a simple but creative wedding ceremony! Would you hold yours at a fast food restaurant as well? Let us know what you think!


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