Viral video showing PPV staff being rude to foreign worker sparks outrage online

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KUALA LUMPUR – The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme has been going smoothly, with over 440,000 doses administrated yesterday.

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With the allowance of recording, we have seen many videos in PPV centres emerge. We have seen heart-warming acts by volunteers such as a PPV volunteer picking up foreign languages to assist migrant workers.

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Viral video showing ppv staff being rude to foreign worker sparks outrage online | weirdkaya
Photo via TikTok.

However, a recent video on TikTok showed how rudely a foreign worker was treated.


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In the clip, the PPV staff impatiently asked the foreign worker to roll up his sleeves. Additionally, she even expressed her annoyance at him recording the process.

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Sibuk nak buat video duh, semua tak ready (Everyone busy taking video, but all not ready)” the staff had said.

Sparks controversies online

The video has since been viewed 638k times on TikTok. Over on Twitter, the clip has been re-shared with over 7k retweets.

Many netizens expressed their displeasure at how the foreign worker was treated. They said that no one deserves to be treated like this, local citizens or not.

Furthermore, one PPV staff shared that it was not ok to treat foreign workers like this:

Additionally, a Malaysian recounted her similar experience when she received her second dose of vaccine.

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Cover Images via TikTok

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