Violinist forced to sell her belongings to feed her family


The pandemic has ruthlessly robbed many Malaysians of their jobs. Professional violinist Endang Hyder, 35 used to travel the world performing until live performances were prohibited.

Image via FMT

This single mother currently lives with her parents in Kampar.

I have quite a number of people to feed. I have three kids and also my parents.”

With travelling restrictions still in place, the pandemic has left the musician with no crowds to perform for.

Last year, she made headlines when she was forced to sell her prized violins to purchase an electric wheelchair for her amputee father.

Desperate to make ends meet, Endang has also sold her belongings. She even took up odd jobs such as baking, house cleaning and picking fruits.

Online Busking

Endang now largely relies on tips from viewers who watch her violin performances online.

Image via YouTube/ Endang Hyder

She has been actively uploading videos on YouTube to get by. However, this source of income is irregular, and she has gone through several days without earning any.

How You Can Help

As the pandemic continues, the future seems bleak for Endang.

Nevertheless, we can still support her by subscribing to her YouTube channel and sharing her story to others.

Leaving a tip will always help, no matter the amount.

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Cover via: YouTube / Endang Hyder

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