[VIDEO] Man surprises family members with gifts hidden in KFC meal boxes

Terharu sampai menangis.

PETALING JAYA – After months of travel restrictions, a man decided to make his reunion with his family an unforgettable one by gifting each of them a present.

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But instead of handing it over to them directly, he got creative and hid them in KFC meal boxes, thus making his family think that he was treating to a ‘finger-licking good’ feast.

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“I’ve been saving for this day”

In an interview with mStar, Amal who works as a technician in Klang, said that his last visit to his hometown in Segamat, Johor was in August 2020.

As soon as interstate travel was permitted, I immediately bought each of them a gift with the two months worth of salary I’ve been saving up specially for this day,” he said.

He added that he bought his father a watch, a ring for this mother, a pair of sandals for his brother, and a brand new Apple phone for his sister. Awww!

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[video] man surprises family members with gifts hidden in kfc meal boxes
Photo via @amalooo4

As you can see in this video, Amal’s family were clearly touched by his kind gesture and broke into tears.

Amal said that this was his first time surprising his family in such a manner and felt extremely honoured and grateful to be able to do so.

“When I saw my father bursting into tears over his gift, I couldn’t help but cry along too.”

Watch the TikTok video here:


Alhamdulillah. Setelah 1 tahun tak balik. Dapat kongsi rezeki dengan keluarga. ##fyp ##fypke ##fypjelah ##fypgakni ##esekeli

♬ bunyi asal – Amaw

Amal’s act of generosity and happy reunion has since raked in 240k views and 20k of likes on TikTok.

Are you also planning to visit your family soon? How are you planning to make it a special reunion?

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Cover image via @amaawho

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