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[VIDEO] Malaysian boy achieves overnight fame with “I’m really tired” YouTube video

He repeats the phrase at least 20 times in the video.

A video titled “Everyone, I’ll not be doing videos anymore! I’m really tired!” has been making waves on the Internet, with primary school-aged Zhang Jia Xuan as the main star who has gained more than 9k subscribers in just a few days after the video’s release. It has garnered over 250,000 views since it was first uploaded four days ago (Jan 26)! His secret? Just put on a cute and naïve expression!

In the video, Jia Xuan repeatedly emphasised that it will be his last appearance because he’s tired of making videos. The decision was made after he found it tiring to keep his audience updated and realised his studies have been neglected in the process.

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[video] malaysian boy achieves overnight fame with
Netizens can’t get over his cute demeanor! (Screenshot from Youtube/快乐珠心算分享区 Xuan Ming)

Before the video’s release, his YouTube Channel had less than 1000 subscribers. While claiming repeatedly that he won’t be doing any more videos in future, he tells his audience: “If my YouTube channel were to exceed 1000 subscribers before October this year, I will continue making videos. If not, then it’s goodbye.”

“I’m really tired of making YouTube video, I want to quit. For those who have been loving my videos, I’m sorry for that,” said the cute YouTuber.

Watch the full video here:

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Surprisingly, his YouTube Channel gained enormous attention and the number of subscribers skyrocketed after the video’s release. Two days later (Jan 28), he uploaded another video on YouTube announcing his return to the YouTube scene and happily thanked everyone for their support.

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Sources: Youtube/快乐珠心算分享区 Xuan Ming

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