[VIDEO] Four men hide and lie motionless like soldiers to avoid approaching police car

Real soldiers: "Am I a joke to you?"
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A footage of four men running helter-skelter before hiding themselves at the front yard of a house to avoid an approaching police car has gone viral and amused netizens.

The men were first seen chatting and hanging out by the roadside at 11.51pm before the siren of the patrol car startled them.

Not wanting to be caught, they quickly leapt into the house’s front yard and lied motionless on the ground as the patrol car drove by.

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According to the video’s timestamp, the incident occurred on Tuesday (Aug 24).

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Netizens found the men’s reaction amusing, remarking that they were behaving like soldiers in training.

Screenshot: Twitter/ @Tok_Tek
Screenshot: Twitter/ @Tok_Tek

Some joked that the men were perhaps trying to emulate the characters from the popular mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG).

Screenshot: Twitter/ @Tok_Tek

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Cover Images via Twitter/ @Tok_Tek
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