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[VIDEO] Dog dies after being dragged across the road, owner denies wrongdoing

We do not deserve dogs.

Known as a “man’s best friend”, dogs are arguably one of the most loyal animals as they would stick close to their owner no matter what, and many have come to love them as one of their family members. Therefore, it is hard to believe that some would find pleasure in abusing or torturing them.

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Today, a shocking dashcam footage showed a dog being tied to the trunk of a car and was dragged across the road at speeds of 60KM/H to 80KM/H, causing it to suffer a long, painful death.

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[video] dog dies after being dragged across the road, owner denies wrongdoing
(Image via IG/KAWA.hq)

According to the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), the incident took place on a highway in the North Gyeongsang Province on March 7.

In the dashcam video provided by KAWA, a black SUV was spotted dragging the dog at high speeds, causing it to succumb to its injuries.

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Witnesses who managed to stop the SUV from moving further said that one of the dog’s paws was severely mangled, and it left a long trail of blood on the road.

Watch the dashcam footage below (2nd slide):

TW: Depicts animal cruelty. Viewer discretion is advised.

Upon the owner’s arrest on March 26, he denied abusing his pet, claiming that he was only “training his dog”. The case is currently under trial.

What do you think of the case? Why do people abuse their pets? Leave us a comment below!

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Sources: (Sinchew Daily, IG/KAWA.hq)

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