[VIDEO] Breathtaking ‘Sun Halo’ phenomenon sighted at a few states

Remember to put some shades on.

Malaysians were awestruck by the unusual ‘Sun Halo’ natural phenomenon which looks like a round rainbow made an appearance at several states around noon today.

The sun halo has the rainbow colours and shapes almost like a perfect circle from the view on the ground with the sun in the middle.

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Many took the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the unusual-looking sun which had a glowing rainbow ring around its circumference.

Sun halo round rainbow
Photo from sinar harian
[video] breathtaking 'sun halo' phenomenon sighted at a few states | weirdkaya
Photo from sinar harian

The ‘Sun Halo’ phenomenon typically occurs when light emitted by the sun or moon comes in contact with ice crystals hovering in the atmosphere.

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Cover Images via Sinar Harian
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh