[VIDEO] Breathtaking ‘Sun Halo’ phenomenon sighted at a few states

Remember to put some shades on.

Malaysians were awestruck by the unusual ‘Sun Halo’ natural phenomenon which looks like a round rainbow made an appearance at several states around noon today.

The sun halo has the rainbow colours and shapes almost like a perfect circle from the view on the ground with the sun in the middle.

Many took the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the unusual-looking sun which had a glowing rainbow ring around its circumference.

Sun halo round rainbow
Photo from sinar harian
[video] breathtaking 'sun halo' phenomenon sighted at a few states | weirdkaya
Photo from sinar harian

The ‘Sun Halo’ phenomenon typically occurs when light emitted by the sun or moon comes in contact with ice crystals hovering in the atmosphere.

Cover Images via Sinar Harian
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