[VIDEO] Aquaria KLCC amazes Malaysians with UNDERWATER lion dance

Taking the festivities to a whole new level.

This Chinese New Year, lion dances are not allowed to be held as a means to prevent crowds due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. But even as Malaysia celebrates one of its quietest CNY, the team from Aquaria KLCC did not let that hold them back.

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On the first day and second day of CNY, Aquaria KLCC went live on Facebook to perform the Underwater Lion Dance. As can be seen from the videos, two divers clad in costumes and oxygen tanks gave it their all in Aquaria KLCC’s main tank with fishes swimming around, with one in charge of the head and the other maneuvering the rear end. Another diver even dressed up as the God of Fortune in hopes of ushering greater prosperity for the year!

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You can watch the performance here:

CNY 2021 Underwater Lion Dance on 12th Feb

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CNY 2021 Underwater Lion Dance on 13th Feb

We urge everyone to strictly follow the SOPs for everyone’s safety while celebrating this auspicious occasion. Happy Chinese New Year from us at WeirdKaya!

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Sources: Facebook/ Aquaria KLCC
Editor: Esther Lee
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[video] aquaria klcc amazes malaysians with underwater lion dance | weirdkaya
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