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Verify your digital vaccination certificate with Vaccine Certificate Verifier

The only "blue tick" that matters right now.

Following the lifting of restriction for fully vaccinated individuals, there has been talks on how one may “fake” the certificate. Fortunately, an initiative to combat the fraudulent certificates have been introduced.

Local government has released a mobile app Vaccine Certificate Verifier application to verify the authenticity of digital vaccination certificates.

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Prior to the latest update of the app, Vaccine Certificate Verifier was claimed to be useless. Published in a blogpost by AnnozBurps in July, he proved that the app was nothing more than a QR reader.

However, the application has subsequently been updated, and it can now differentiate between a genuine digital certificate QR-code from counterfeits. Lowyat tested the new functions and verified that the application works accordingly.

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If your certificate is legitimate, the verifier app should display a copy of the vaccine digital certificate issued by Ministry of Health with the relevant information.

Nonetheless, it is unclear whether the government would invest additional resources to develop a separate app for a function that could be easily be integrated into MySejahtera.

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Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Grace Choong

Verify your digital vaccination certificate with vaccine certificate verifier | weirdkaya
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