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Vehicle caught driving dangerously now under police investigation

*angry road rage noises*

KOTA BAHRU – Kelantan police have confirmed receiving a report of a vehicle allegedly belonging to a deputy minister being driven dangerously.

This comes after a 38-second clip went viral on Facebook last Sunday (Sept 26), with the uploader claiming that the car belonged to a deputy minister.

The clip showed a Toyota Alphard overtaking another car along double lines in Jalan Bukit Marak-Binjai.

However, it was forced to move back into the lane as three vehicles were coming from the opposite direction near a bridge before the Chabang 3 Gong Dernim traffic light.

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Online sleuths later uncovered the vehicle’s plate number which bore the letters P45.

Furthermore, netizens were also quick to point out that the car’s plate number had failed to follow existing registration standards.

Under police radar

Later, an investigation has since been launched into the incident, reported Malaysiakini.

In a statement today, Kelantan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief, Supt Shuhaimi Jusoh said the case will be investigated under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

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