Ultra lazy woman stays in bed 24/7, eats her meals while lying on it too

The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this b***h.

We all are guilty of being lazy at times, especially after a long, hard day where all we want to do is to laze around and do nothing.

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However, this 38-year-old woman from Tangshan, China has taken the concept of laziness to the next level with her bizarre habits, shocking many.

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Serve me, peasant!

The lazy woman, Xiao Ya (not her real name), first caught attention when a video of her eating dinner on the bed with four dishes laid in front of her surfaced online.

According to the video’s description, she refused to leave the bed ever since the drop in temperature and relies on her husband to cook and serve her while she plays with her handphone all day.

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China Press also reported that Xiao Ya has a high standard on the dishes as well, insisting that there must be four dishes and a soup, and if none of them has meat in it, she would not touch it at all.

Ultra lazy woman stays in bed 24/7, eats her meals while lying on it too | weirdkaya
Photo via weibo.com

Spoilt since young

In an interview, Xiao Ya’s father admitted that he and his wife had spoilt their daughter rotten since she was a child.

After graduating from university, she couldn’t hold a single job for seven months as she kept complaining about the job she had, resulting in her changing at least 50 jobs.

“We even tried coaxing her into sitting for exams to be enrolled into a public institution, but she couldn’t be bothered to do revisions and didn’t even turn up for the exams too,” he said.

Helpless and desperate, Xiao Ya’s parents employed agents to find a suitable life partner for her in hopes that they could wash their hands off her.

Ironically, she expected her prospective husband to have a stable job in a governmental department, a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan, along with a house and car too.

‘I wouldn’t want her!’

Netizens were agape by Xiao Ya’s behaviour, with many expressing pity for her husband.

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One wrote, “I wouldn’t want this kind of lazy woman as my wife!”, while another commented, “The key point here is that there’s someone to serve her at her beck and call. If this didn’t exist, she’d probably be out working right now!”

You can watch the video here.

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