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Too skinny to workout? Actress Mimi Lana body-shamed for working out

Body shaming isn't cool.

Working out and keeping fit has been gaining worldwide attention especially on social media. Trendy workout routines have become even more popular during pandemics when everyone is stuck at home.

The Dark Side Of Fitness Trend

However, the increased interest in fitness and body image also creates tremendous pressure for social media users with a large following.

25-year-old actress Mimi Lana was body-shamed after uploading a video of her working out at a gym.

Mimi lana working out weirdkaya

According to the caption, Mimi Lana started working out again after a three-month break.

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In the video, Mimi Lana could be seen working on her wall sit exercise. She was also carrying weights.

Watch the video here:

Disrespectful Comments

With 985K followers on her account, the video garnered 345k views and more than 500 comments.

Unfortunately, among them, many users commented on her body instead of her effort. Many pointed out that she is too skinny to workout.

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(IScreengrab via IG/MissMimiLana)

Anonymous Defenders

Seeing the inappropriate reaction, many netizens decided to defend Mimi Lana. They stood up against the bullies and voiced their support in the comment section.

(IScreengrab via IG/MissMimiLana)

Her Body, Her Business

Mimi Rozaiana Zainal Abidin, also known by her stage name Mimi Lana is a prominent actress and model in Malaysia.

She participated in a beauty contest, Dewi Remaja 2014/2015, and is known for her role in tv shows like Ku Tinggalkan Cinta Di Okinawa (2015), Sein dan Luna (2016) and Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi (2018).

Mimi Lana (Image via IG/MissMimiLana)

Usually, influencers suffers body-shaming pressure worse due to their large following.

As a responsible internet user, let’s keep in mind that behind every account there is a real person with emotions, so be mindful of what you write.

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