Tony Fernandes Puts Off Retirement And Will Remain As CEO of Capital A For Another 5 Years

Everyone can fly 🫶
Tony Fernandes, the CEO who transformed AirAsia into a household name, has just renewed his contract for another five years. He’s not just sticking around; he’s got big plans to push the company even further.

Fernandes is known for his visionary approach, and he’s not slowing down.

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He plans to spearhead the full transformation of Capital A by focusing on its key business sectors.

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These include Teleport, MOVE Digital, Capital A Aviation Services Group (CAPAS), and Capital A International.

The goal is to spin these sectors off into their own publicly listed companies that embody AirAsia’s DNA—efficient, cost-effective, and disruptive.

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It’s clear that with Fernandes at the helm, Capital A is on a trajectory for continued innovation and growth.

This move reassures investors that the journey towards reshaping the company and maximizing shareholder value is well underway.


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