‘Time To Use My Leg’ – Syed Saddiq To Run 200km From Muar To Parliament For Fundraiser & Protest

In a bold and unprecedented move, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has announced his intention to run 200 kilometers from Muar to Parliament as both a fundraiser and a protest.

With this initiative called ‘Langkah MUAR’, the Muar MP aims to highlight the disparities in government allocations between opposition and ruling party constituencies.

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Syed saddiq and his 'langkah maur' movement
Screenshot via X/SyedSaddiq

Posting a video on his X account yesterday (June 26), Syed announced his plan to run 200km from Muar to Parliament.

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“This is a PROTEST against the government’s refusal to allocate funds for opposition constituencies and to raise funds for the Muar community service center. Help me to be your voice in Parliament,” he wrote.

Syed Saddiq’s decision stems from frustration over the lack of financial allocations to opposition-held constituencies.

According to him, while government constituencies receive substantial funds, opposition areas like Muar have been left without adequate support for over a year.

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“I have met the Deputy Prime Minister twice and sent three letters, but there has been no progress,” Syed Saddiq expressed in a video statement.

“Rather than give up, I prefer to take action.” he said.

Syed saddiq explaining his motive behind 'langkah muar' movement
Screenshot via X/SyedSaddiq

Syed Saddiq has a history of engaging in unconventional fundraising efforts.

Previously, he joined the Fundraiser Botak Challenge, where he shaved his head, organized ThunderBOLD classes, cooked and sold lasagna, and even modeled, all in support of various causes.

As Syed Saddiq gets ready for his 200-kilometer journey, all eyes will be on him.

His video has since garnered over 196.2k views with hundreds of comments from netizens.

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