This teacher becomes Santa Claus to send gifts to 70 students across 7 states

Spread happiness and joy to the children

IPOH – An online class teacher becomes Santa Claus, riding a motorcycle travelling from north to south, giving surprises to 70 students from 7 different states in Peninsular Malaysia!

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According to Oriental Daily News, the teacher, Mr Pee, is an educator from Ipoh. Two years ago, he set up an education centre in Sungai Petani with several partners, integrated game elements into education, and provided students with different study courses and lectures.

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During the pandemic, the abrupt transition to online teaching forced Mr Pee to return to his hometown to teach students from different states in Malaysia through the online platform in March.

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“Isn’t it a good idea for me to dress up as a Santa Claus and surprise all my students whom I never met before?” An idea suddenly popped up in Mr. Pee’s mind this Christmas Eve.

Starting from Christmas Eve last Thursday, Mr Pee embarked his Santa Claus journey from Ipoh in his motorcycle and sent gifts to students who reside in Penang and Kedah.

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This teacher becomes santa claus to send gifts to 70 students across 7 states
Mr Pee and his students. (Photo from Oriental Daily News)

On Saturday, Mr Pee went back to his hometown to take a few hours break before driving south to Selangor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor to surprise his students with Christmas gifts. He then continued his Santa Claus journey back to the north to meet those students who were not at home last week.

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According to Oriental Daily News, Mr Pee had started to give gifts to children on Christmas three years ago, including visiting the orphanages in 2017 and 2018. Last year, he even carried his Santa Claus bag and walked about 7km to bless every child with Christmas gift he met on his way.

During an interview with Oriental Daily News, the kind-hearted teacher said the purpose behind his “Santa Claus journey” is to spread happiness and joy to the children. Growing up, Christmas was a time of the year that Mr Pee always looked forward to as a child because he had a “godmother” who blessed him with gifts every Christmas.

This teacher becomes santa claus to send gifts to 70 students across 7 states
(Photo from Oriental Daily News)

“As long as I’m able, I wish to continue the love of my “godmother” by sending happiness to the children, including my students.”

“Sometimes it sounds silly, but whenever I think of it as an act that can make children feel warm and happy, I persisted.”

“Some parents will enthusiastically invite me in, but due to the pandemic, I try to avoid contact with children and parents. I will just send them gifts at the front door and leave after greetings with the children and parents.”

“The most amusing thing was whenever I encountered a roadblock on the way, even the police officer also jokingly asked me for chocolate.”

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Sources: Oriental Daily News

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