This Primary School In Perak Only Has Two Standard 1 Students For The New School Year

Overall, the school has only 8 students.
Yesterday (Mar 3), all the schools were happy to welcome back students who were returning and those who were new.

However, at SK Tebing Rebak in Perak, they only received two new Standard 1 students. It’s a bit surprising for us, but not for the school.

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Because last year, only one student joined Standard One at that school.

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Two new students sitting in the class with a teacher
Photo via Sinar Harian

Only two students enrolled for Standard 1

Reported by Harian Metro, this school currently has a total number of eight students for this current session.

According to the school’s headmaster, Zaiton Hashim, there are two students each for Standard 1 and Standard 3, while in Standard 2, Standard 4, Standard 5, and Standard 6, each has one student.

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Msian headmaster standing along woth the eight students in her school at a classrooom
Photo via Sinar Harian

She clarified that the low student count at the school, with only one student enrolled for Standard 1 for this current session, is largely due to its location, situated more than 20 kilometers away from Bagan Datuk town.

“Every year, this is the situation; there is no significant increase in the number of students. Last year, the total number of students was also eight.” she said.

“Two Standard 6 students graduated, and this time they were replaced by two Standard 1 students. The small number of students at this school is partly due to the migration of the original population to the city for work,” Zaiton stated.

Teaching continues on schedule

Established around 1954, this school’s teaching and learning sessions continue as usual, following the schedule set by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

It has been mentioned that there are six teachers for each subject such as Malay Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, and Islamic Education, along with five staff members.

Msian school headmaster  and teachers guiding the students in the classroom
Photo via Harian Metro

“We will ensure that students receive the same rights to education as other schools. In addition to the implementation of subjects, students here are provided with a laptop each for the application of digital skills,” she said.

PTA & village members work closely with school

She also mentioned that although the number of students is small, the relationship between teachers, parents, and the village community is very close because they collaborate to make every annual activity successful, such as sports and camping.

“The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) consists of only four members, all of whom are parents of the eight students mentioned earlier,” she said.

Despite having fewer students, the school teachers, along with the PTA and the village community, continue to work their best to provide better education for the children.

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