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‘Thin As A Shoe Sole’ – M’sian Woman Disappointed By Tapak Kuda Cake She Bought For RM15

The seller even responded sarcastically and rudely to her.
Food that goes viral on social media always creates a buzz, tempting everyone to give it a try at least once. However, it doesn’t always turn out well for a customer.

Recently, a Malaysian woman expressed her dissatisfaction with a viral “Kek Tapak Kuda” she purchased during a live stream, revealing that upon receiving it, the cake was disappointingly thin, resembling the thickness of a shoe sole.

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To make matters worse, the seller responded rudely when she raised her concerns about the product.

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M’sian disappointed purchasing viral tapak kuda cake

Taking to her TikTok account, @bellycuteee (Nabila) shared her disappointment with the cake she ordered.

In the caption, she mentioned that the cake was as thin as the soles of school shoes and complained about the broken packaging.

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Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, Nabila revealed that she was drawn to buying the cake after seeing its virality on TikTok.

“I randomly came across this TikTok live that sells ‘Kek Tapak Kuda’ for RM15,” she said.

The price seemed reasonable and cheap compared to others, so she made the purchase during the live stream on December 31st and received it on January 5th, costing her RM15 excluding delivery charges.

Curious about the taste, Nabila commented, “It was really bad. I didn’t even manage to finish the whole cake. It was very, very oily and had a weird taste.”

She also expressed disappointment with the packaging, noting that it broke, and the cake was all over the place.

“The seller just used a plastic sandwich container instead of a box, probably because I bought it for RM15,” she explained, emphasizing that she would not buy the viral cake again.

The seller was rude and sarcastic

However, when Nabila posted her feedback on the seller’s page, she received a sarcastic and rude reply.

The seller responded, “You buy size 8 (inch) for RM15… ‘let the price talk’. But we also have a large size, but the price is a bit high. Hehehe. By the way, thank you for trying”

“The seller replied to me rather sarcastically and rudely, prompting me to post the pictures and the comment in my social media,” she told us.

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Nabila also hopes that the seller to improve the cake’s quality, emphasizing the need for manners and respectful treatment of customers, regardless of the purchase amount.

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in the comment section.


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