Thai Temple Puts Up ‘Please Keep Clean’ Sign Directed At China Tourists, Sparks Online Backlash

At many popular tourist spots, the aftermath often includes litter left behind, tarnishing the beauty of these attractions.

In response to this ongoing issue, a temple in Thailand has taken a direct approach by installing a multilingual sign in its restroom, specifically targeting Chinese tourists with a polite request to “Please keep clean” displayed in Thai, English, and Simplified Chinese, according to Yahoo.

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This simple yet pointed sign, with its crisp white background and stark red border, serves as both a reminder and a plea, seemed to single out Chinese tourists, causing a mix of outrage and introspection among netizens.

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When one netizen stumbled upon the sign at a Thai temple restroom targeting Chinese tourists with the notice, they were immediately triggered.

This visitor took to social media to express their displeasure, revealing that the sign had significantly soured their mood, sparking further debate among others online.

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Thai temple puts up 'please keep clean' sign directed at china tourists, sparks online backlash
Photo via Yahoo

Many netizens were unhappy with the stereotypical notice; however, some defended the necessity of such reminders, citing frequent inappropriate behaviors such as loud talking and littering.

Others perceived it as a discriminatory act, highlighting the ongoing struggle with international stereotypes.


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