Thai Man Risks His Life To Put Out Fire At Stall, Owner Thanks Him By Giving Him Free Food For A Lifetime

Good samaritan.

BANGKOK- A cool thing happened in Bangkok on February 20th when a biker saw a noodle shop’s gas cylinder on fire and didn’t just stand by.

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The incident occurred around 8:10 am when a gas cylinder at the shop caught fire as an employee was preparing broth at the entrance.

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The fire, caused by a gas leak due to the overheating of the gas pipe connection to the stove, was promptly put out by the motorcyclist, who ran into the shop and turned off the gas valve, preventing a potential disaster.

Because of his quick action, the shop was saved, and nobody got hurt.

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The shop owner, Anan, was super thankful and decided to say thanks in a big way.

After the incident, the shop owner tirelessly searched for the good Samaritan but couldn’t find him. So, he took to posting a heartfelt video inviting the hero to dine at his shop anytime for free as a sincere gesture of thanks.

Thai man risks his life to put out fire at stall, owner thanks him by giving him free food for a lifetime | weirdkaya
Photo via TikTok/ ratthakorn_jay

This video blew up, getting over 4.6 million views, with everyone praising the biker for being so brave and kind.

Anan, who wasn’t at the shop when the fire happened, found out from his staff and has been looking for Brother Shan to thank him properly.

The biker, who used to fix gas cylinders for a living, replied to the video, saying he was just happy to help.

Anan and Brother Shan even met up and had a chat, proving that doing good stuff really does make a difference.

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The netizens love this story because it’s all about helping out and the good vibes that come with it.

You may watch the TikTok here:

@ratthakorn_jay สาเหตุเกิดจากสายแก๊สติดกับขาเตา พอเกิดความร้อนเลยทำให้สายแก๊สรั่ว #ดอนเมือง #ข่าวtiktok ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Rat Tha Korn

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