Thai Bus Conductor Faints Due To Allergic Reaction To Durian Brought Onboard By Passenger

Aside from its creamy, yellow flesh, durians are known for its strong and pungent smell. While some are fans of this prickly fruit, others may not share the same sentiment or even have allergic reactions towards it.

A female bus conductor in Thailand apparently had to rushed to the hospital after she fainted thanks to an allergic reaction caused by the smell of durians brought along by a passenger.

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Thai bus conductor faints due to allergic reaction to durian

Taking to Facebook to share the encounter on Sept 8, the bus conductor named Kussam Srisong wrote that a passenger brought an unspecified number of durians onto the bus, which led to her suffering an allergic reaction.

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She added that she experienced tightness in her chest and breathing difficulties as a result.

In the photo accompanying the post, it showed Srisong lying across several bus seats while two individuals attend to her, with one of them fanning her with a towel.

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Due to her condition, the bus was delayed and she was admitted to the hospital. However, she didn’t forget to thank the two individuals who came to her aid in the post.

Recovered but still feels dizzy

In an interview with Thai news outlet Thairath, she said that she recovered from the incident but still experienced dizziness, resulting in her having to get an injection for it.

She added that she would usually order passengers who brought durians with them to get off. Unfortunately, the smell would linger, leading her to suffer an allergic reaction and faint.

For illustration purposes only. Photo via Pexels

According to The Nation Thailand, the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority announced in 2014 that durians are banned from being brought onboard buses to avoid causing a “public nuisance”.

Last month, a Russian vegan influencer reportedly died of starvation in Malaysia after she went on a diet consisting of durians and jackfruit only for 7 years:

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