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“Tengok Wayang”- Anwar Gives Out GSC Popcorn To Reporters Who Camped Outside His Office

Admin need spoiler for this drama.

Anwar Ibrahim, the chairman of PH, gave out bags of GSC popcorn to the reporters while leaving his office in Petaling Jaya.

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He hands the waiting press some popcorn and jokes that they should watch a movie.

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“Tengok wayang,” he said while handing popcorn to the media representatives.

Several videos of him giving popcorn to the people are now viral on social media.

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From the videos, it can be seen that those bags of popcorn are from GSC cinemas.

They can be seen carrying bags of popcorn in the footage, and when Anwar left his office, he delivered more bags of popcorn to the reporters through the car window.

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