M’sian Teacher Financially Supports 12yo Student Who Skipped School To Take Care Of Mum Paralysed By Stroke 

More support needed.
A home visit by a teacher to the family of a 12-year-old student who often skipped school revealed that she has been taking care of her mother who was paralysed due to a stroke.

Mohd Fadli Salleh, who teaches at SK (1) Gombak, took to his Facebook page to share the story of the family staying in Kuala Lumpur.

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12-year-old student takes care of mum alone

As a member of the Dana Kita charity fund, Mohd Fadli visited the family with a few other members after receiving messages from the teacher of a 12-year-old student named Iman about her frequent absence from school.

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M'sian teacher financially supports 12yo student who skipped school to take care of mum paralysed by stroke  | weirdkaya

During the visitation, the team found out that her father had passed away and she was left bedridden due to a stroke. Her older siblings were also forced to drop out of school and work at a shopping mall to support the family, leaving Iman with the sole responsibility of taking care of her mother.

Although Iman is only 12 years old, she has learned to do various household chores, including changing her mother’s diapers.” wrote Mohd Fadli.

Family receives RM500 monthly

Currently, Iman’s family receives RM500 in relief money from the Islamic fund Baitulmal MAIWP. However, RM500 is far from sufficient for their current situation.

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In the post, Mohd Fadli wrote that they relying solely on one organization for aid wasn’t enough, so Dana Kita decided to fund all of Iman’s school expenses until she completes her education.

M'sian teacher financially supports 12yo student who skipped school to take care of mum paralysed by stroke  | weirdkaya

He added that he told Iman that if she needed any help she could inform her teacher. She also promised to continue with her studies.

“Whatever she needs for her studies such as clothing, miscellaneous expenses, tuition fees, and so on, our fund will assist her until she completes her education. May this child be strong and successfully change the fate of this family.” he wrote.

Mother to be taken in by Welfare Dept

In the comment section, Mohd Fadli revealed that Iman’s brother had contacted the Social Welfare Department (JKM) to take their mother in.

Iman’s mother cried and told Mohd Fadli that while she doesn’t want to be separated from her children, she also understood how hard it was for them to take care of her.

“If their mother is taken in by JKM, we will try our best that the two youngest children don’t have to follow suit as well as cover all their expenses,” he wrote, adding that he’s planning to meet with the JKM director to discuss the matter.

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