“#TanyaJe” JKJAV caught following a sexy cosplayer’s account on Twitter


The official Twitter account of the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) was caught following a scantily-clad cosplayer named @cluelo by a netizen yesterday (June 10).

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Twitter user Adib posed the now infamous question in a tweet saying:

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“Hi @JKJAVMY, why are you following this cosplayer’s account?#TanyaJe (just asking) #JanganTangkap (Don’t arrest).”

He also shared screenshots proving that JKJAV was indeed on the cosplayer’s followers’ list.

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In @cluelo’s Twitter’s bio, she wrote that she loves cosplaying, playing dress-up, and ‘pleasing’ people. Hmmmmm

She also told her audience to follow her OnlyFans account to see her ‘spicier side’.

WeirdKaya did a quick check on her OnlyFans account and discovered that she’s currently based in Canada works as a “Twitch streamer, full-time tooth fairy and cosplayer.”

Adib’s tweet has been retweeted over 1.6K times since it was first posted and JKJAV has also unfollowed @cluelo at the time of writing.

There was much anger and amusement over the revelation, with many demanding JKJAV to give an answer.

One wrote that this was perhaps why JKJAV had “no time to attend to [the public’s] queries and problems”.

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Another joked that the cosplayer needed to be vaccinated too.

Another said that the ‘JAV’ in JKJAV probably had another meaning to it. #IYKYK

Another suggested that JKJAV should focus on one type of “cucuk” (poke/penetration in Malay).

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WeirdKaya has reached out to JKJAV for comment but received no response so far.

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Sources: Cover image via knowyourmeme, Twitter

Editor: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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