M’sian Badminton Player Tan Boon Heong Reveals He Was Once Scammed Of RM2.3mil By Friends

Painful lesson.
Most people assume that scams only happen to the common folk, but did you know that even public figures are susceptible to it too?

This was the case for former world No. 1 shuttler Tan Boon Heong, who revealed the startling truth about him getting scammed not once, but twice by acquaintances years ago.

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Tan Boon Heong: ‘I was scammed of RM2.3mil’

Taking to his Facebook account, Boon Heong wrote that he was reminded of the time where he was cheated of his hard-earned money back in 2017 following the news of  mixed doubles shuttler shuttler  Lai Pei Jing losing a majority of her life savings to scammers recently.

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He later went on a livestream session on Facebook to shed more light on the incident, where he revealed he fell victim for scams twice, no thanks to his shady acquaintances, reported NST.

I was scammed twice, once for US$500,000 (RM2.3 million) and another time for RM160,000.

“One of the scammers was a friend of mine, whose child was a badminton player. This ‘friend’ has since disappeared,” he said.

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Boon Heong added that the reason he shared his past misfortune was to alert others to be wary when wanting to invest their money and to conduct due diligence beforehand.

“Every scam you fall for helps you grow. Such is life — you can’t avoid the detours. Everyone has to go down at least one.

“Always remember, putting your hard-earned money into someone else’s pocket and expecting to get it back is very difficult. I suggest focusing on what you can control and not get involved in things you can’t control,” he wrote in the Facebook post.

What happened to Lai Pei Jing?

On Sunday (June 2), Pei Jing shared on Facebook that she had been scammed of her life savings but didn’t reveal the full amount.

She also expressed regret for being too kind and foolish to believe the scammers, adding that she “must grit her teeth because life still has to go on”.

Lai pei jing
Photo via FB/Lai Pei Jing

Following the incident, Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh said that she had contacted Pei Jing to gather more information so that the ministry can help the shuttler in any way whatsoever, reported FMT.

Police are currently investigating the scam which Pei Jing fell for.

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We hope the authorities can arrest the scammers soon and give Pei Jing justice for her ordeal!


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