Taiwanese Vlogger Moved To Tears By Sabah Villagers Who Came To Her Aid Over Flat Tyre & Refused Payment

"We helped because we are Malaysians."
A pair of Taiwanese travel Vloggers recently experienced the extraordinary kindness of locals after a motorcycle breakdown in Sabah.

According to a video posted on their social media account, “Zoebitalk 肉比頭,” the vloggers were riding their motorcycles from Sabah to Brunei, covering a distance of 450 kilometers.

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Stranded in a remote mountain area

Early in the morning, while traversing a remote mountain area, they encountered a sudden flat tire.

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Stranded and uncertain, their situation took a hopeful turn when a small truck appeared on the road.

The truck, driven by a group of locals, stopped to assist the vloggers.

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The video captures the moment the kind-hearted Malaysians loaded the motorcycle onto their truck and transported the vloggers to the nearest town for repairs.

Abang carrying the motorcycle
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭

“Why do they want to help me?”

The truck driver, who had already been driving for half an hour on his way to work, took another half-hour detour to ensure the vloggers reached their destination safely.

After dropping them off, he need to immediately headed back to resume his job, leaving the vloggers profoundly grateful and at a loss for words.

Zoe, the female vlogger, was visibly moved and initially stunned by the gesture.

“Why would they help me? Why do they want to help me? I almost felt like crying,” she expressed in the video.

Carrying them back
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭

“They had already driven half an hour to work, then drove another half hour to help us, and now they had to drive back another half hour. It was truly selfless,” Zoe said.

Refuse any money

In an attempt to repay their kindness, the vloggers offered money to the driver, who smiled and gently declined, saying,

“It’s okay because we are Malaysians! You are foreigners and need help. Just remember, I am from this kind village!”

Zoe shared that this experience was one of many during their trip that showcased the genuine sincerity and friendliness of the locals, bringing her to tears of gratitude multiple times.

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Abang refuse the money
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭
Abang giving back the money
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭

Netizens’ reaction

The story of their encounter has resonated with many, highlighting the warmth and generosity of the people of Sabah, and leaving a lasting impression on the Taiwanese travelers.

Comment we are malaysian
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭
Comment proud to be malaysian when he said that
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭
Comment taiwanese malaysian thanks you
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭
Comment sabahan help people
Image via YouTube/Zoebitalk 肉比頭

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