Taiwan Student Puts Pet Gecko On Sauce Plate For Photo, Restaurant Considers Legal Action

Uh oh.
A college student in Taiwan stirred up a storm by photographing her pet gecko on a restaurant’s sauce plate, sparking concerns over hygiene.

The student, from Yuanzhi University in Taoyuan, took the photo at the popular sushi chain Sushiro and posted it on her Instagram story with the caption “Sushi Fatty Bun.”

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The photo quickly went viral on Taiwanese social media platform Dcard, where netizens were quick to criticize the restaurant’s hygiene.

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Many called the scene “disgusting” and “unhygienic.”

Taiwan student puts pet gecko on sauce plate for photo, restaurant considers legal action | weirdkaya
Photo via Taiwan Observer 台灣爆報

Sushiro considers legal action

Sushiro responded to the incident on their Facebook page, stating that the student’s actions had raised serious concerns about hygiene and damaged the restaurant’s reputation.

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As a result, they are contemplating legal action against her for “damage to goodwill and other damages caused by the consumer’s personal behavior.”

To reassure customers, Sushiro’s Taiwan branches have increased their cleaning and disinfection efforts.

The university also addressed the issue, stating that if the incident is confirmed, the student will face disciplinary action according to school regulations and will need to apologize to the restaurant.

Incident sparks online outcry

The photo, initially posted with the caption “Sushi Fatty Bun,” was reposted on Dcard, where it garnered widespread criticism.

Netizens voiced their concerns, with some calling the scene “very disgusting” and “unhygienic.”

Sushiro emphasized their commitment to maintaining hygiene standards and assured customers that they have taken additional steps to ensure cleanliness.

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