“Swing It, Work It, Shake It” – A Tribute To Expectant Mothers Through Dance

Celebrating the empowerment and the beauty of expectant motherhood.
Capturing the enchanting essence of expectant motherhood, a recent YouTube sensation has been spreading like wildfire, celebrating the radiant beauty of moms-to-be.

With its catchy beats, SWS 28’s music video, “Swing It, Work It, Shake It,” has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 400k views since its debut on January 5, 2024.

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Screenshot via Youtube/永生 SWS 28 OFFICIAL

Led by radiant expecting mommies, this groundbreaking project is a heartfelt ode to the magic of expectant mothers everywhere, capturing the joy, anticipation, and beauty of this extraordinary chapter in life.

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Furthermore, celebrating themes of empowerment and the beauty of expectant motherhood, this music video showcases real pregnant women dancing with joy and elegance. Former Malaysian badminton player Goh Liu Ying also makes a special appearance in the video.

With its dynamic choreography and vivid imagery, the MV conveys a strong message of empowerment, celebrating the journey of pregnancy in a vibrant and life-affirming manner.

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This initiative is spearheaded by SWS 28, a leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) confinement essentials, under the stewardship of the second-generation leader, Mr. Kenny Sow.

Ceo of sws 28 medical - kenny sow is giving speech

“The primary goal of creating this music video was to bring joy to expectant mothers, aligning perfectly with our corporate philosophy of ensuring every mom receives the best possible confinement experience, focusing on their physical and mental well-being. We have always embraced innovation at our core, aiming to provide the most professional services and heartfelt care to mothers worldwide,” said Kenny Sow, the CEO of SWS 28.

According to Alvin Khoo, Project Manager of the MV and Chief Marketing Officer of SWS 28, he stated that every step in the creation of this music video was taken with deep care, especially considering the well-being of the expectant mothers involved. This was a challenge given that there were no previous examples to follow.

Project manager of the mv & chief marketing officer of sws 28 - alvin khoo is giving speech

“I am truly grateful to the eight mothers and their families for making this possible, and to our dedicated team for bringing this heartwarming project to life. As we just celebrated International Women’s Day this month, it is the perfect time to share a song that celebrates expectant mothers. I am thankful for everyone joining us on this heartfelt journey,” Alvin continued.

Celebrating the success of this music video, eight of these remarkable mothers reunited, with some bringing along their babies who had participated in the shoot while still in their tummies.

Their reunion marks not just a gathering, but a celebration of their transformative journey, one that has seen them blossom in the most beautiful ways.

SWS 28 is deeply moved to witness this evolution and is proud to have played a part in their story. The brand remains committed to supporting expectant mothers, offering a steady hand of care and a heart full of understanding as they embark on the wonderful journey of bringing new life into the world.

SWS 28’s innovative approach extends beyond their products to creative projects like this MV, demonstrating their dedication to supporting women’s health and wellbeing.

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The brand, building on the esteemed heritage of the Wing Sang Traditional & Acupuncture Centre established in 1978, continues to lead in offering premium TCM postpartum and healthcare solutions, like the widely praised SWS28 TCM Confinement Package.

Watch the full music video here:

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