S’pore Stays As World’s Most Powerful Passport, M’sia Remains At 44th Place


According to a recent ranking by VisaGuide Passport Index, Singapore has the most powerful passport in the world.

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Out of 199 countries, Singapore takes the top spot, with Italy coming in second.

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Malaysia is holding steady at the 44th position.

S'pore stays as world's most powerful passport, m'sia remains at 44th place | weirdkaya

VisaGuide.World’s “Passport Index” ranks passports based on a “Destination Significance Score” (DSS).

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This score evaluates the ease of using a passport, including visa-free travel, electronic travel authorizations (eTA), electronic visas (eVisa), visa-on-arrival options, and whether the passport holder is banned from entering certain countries.

As of June this year, Singapore’s passport is the best to have, with a score of 91.15, allowing visa-free access to 159 countries.

The next in line are Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Countries ranking from 11th to 20th are South Korea, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Portugal, and Poland. Japan, with a score of 89.55, is the only other Asian country in the top 20. Malaysia’s score of 83.97 places it at the 44th position, with visa-free access to 142 countries.


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