S’pore Looking For Roti Canai Makers With A Salary Of RM5,000

It's also inclusive of meals and accommodation.
A Singaporean employer placed an advertisement in a Malaysian newspaper, offering a monthly salary of RM5,000 to hire an Indian Roti Canai chef.

This notable job offer posted on New Straits Time, highlights the ongoing demand in Singapore for specialized culinary skills and reflects a broader trend of cross-border employment between Malaysia and Singapore.

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Comes with meals and accommodation

Vancancy on nst

The advertisement promises not only a competitive salary but also additional perks such as a prayer room, accommodation, and meals, which are aimed at making the position attractive to potential candidates.

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According to a report by The Straits Times, such generous salary packages are part of Singapore’s strategy to attract skilled workers in fields that do not require high levels of academic education but rather specific, hands-on abilities.

The ad specifically mentions that the salary could be RM5,000 or more, indicating that employers are willing to pay premium rates for the right expertise.

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Red flag?

Singapore_marina bay sands

Despite the attractive offer, industry experts caution that the high cost of living in Singapore might offset the financial benefits.

Jeremy, vice-chairman of the Restaurant and Bar Owners Association, told The Straits Times that while the salary appears competitive, it might not suffice for a comfortable lifestyle in Singapore.

He highlighted expenses such as housing, which can range from $600 (approximately RM2,867) to $800 (approximately RM3,823) monthly for a single room, alongside daily living and transportation costs.

Jeremy also pointed out that Malaysia is increasingly losing its culinary talents to neighbouring countries, particularly noticeable in Johor, which is geographically close to Singapore.

The challenge of retaining talent in Malaysia grows as more workers migrate in search of better salaries and broader career opportunities.

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