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“Sorry, I can’t treat you myself” Son apologizes for being occupied at the frontlines


As the country battles tirelessly against COVID-19, the healthcare system is being overwhelmed. Staying at home for the next few weeks is the most we can do to ease the burden of our frontliners.

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Amidst this raging pandemic, many people, including frontliners, have succumbed to the disease. Although lockdown measures were reinstated, many have still broken the SOPs. They reasoned that they are relieving “lockdown fatigue”.

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However, this has also caused the number of cases to rise exponentially. Thus, putting more strain on the healthcare system and the frontliners.

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Twitter user Faiq, who is a doctor serving at the frontlines, shared an encounter he had with a COVID-19 patient. The doctor shared how patients who are near Death’s door are allowed to call their loved ones.

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In this particular instance, the patient made a call to his son, who was also a frontliner himself. During the conversation, the son made a heartbreaking apology to his father for not being there to take care of him.

“Sorry I can’t be there to take care of you, but I am taking care of other patients.”

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This tweet resonated with many other Twitter users and has accumulated 1,437 retweets. The reply section was filled with uplifting encouragement for the patient and admiration for the frontliners nationwide.

Screenshot via Twitter/ @Faiqzaini
Screenshot via Twitter/ @Faiqzaini

We hope that this story has motivated you to adhere to latest SOPs. Stay home and stay safe! #KitaJagaKita

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Sources: Twitter/ @Faiqzaini

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