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“She treated me like her daughter” M’sian stuck in S’pore touched by landlord’s kindness

A little kindness goes a long way.

Due to the pandemic, many Malaysians working overseas have not been home for more than a year.

Despite the heartache of not being able to reunite with their family, some were fortunate to find themselves a “second home” in a foreign land, thanks to the generosity and kindness of their landlord.

Read about how a netizen named Chung found his “foster family” here:

Yesterday (May 30), Shin Min Daily reported about another netizen’s encounter with her landlord that was shared online.

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According to the netizen named Xu, her landlord provides her three meals a day without demanding any additional charges.

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“She (the house owner) once told my family not to be concerned about my meals. In fact, I’m being overfed here!”

"she treated me like her daughter" m'sian stuck in s'pore touched by landlord's kindness
Xu’s landlord prepares delicious meals for her every day (Image via Shin Min Daily)

“Although she is allergic to seafood, she would still cook me dishes with seafood because she knows I love to eat them.”

Xu added that she and her landlord have forged a strong bond and came to see each other as a mother and daughter.

Aside from being fed with scrumptious meals, Xu said that her landlord would also celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s Day with her.

A bowlful of love (Image via Shin Min Daily)

Xu also mentioned that even though she suggested paying more for rent, her landlord didn’t want to accept or hear a word about it.

“She always says that we were fated to live together, but I think I might use up all of my luck to continue staying with her.”

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Sources: FB/ Shin Min Daily

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