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Shake Shack Is Finally In Malaysia. But Was It Worth The Hype?

As hyped as Shik Shak Shok.
Finally, the burger sensation that’s taken the world by storm, Shake Shack, has graced Malaysia with its presence, and it’s the talk of the town!

Planted snugly next to the eagerly anticipated first Malaysian Apple Store, in the Sky Garden of the gleaming new TRX Exchange Mall, it’s a sight for sore eyes and hungry bellies alike.

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Shake shack trx location

Now, the million-dollar question on everyone’s lips is: Can Shake Shack in Malaysia live up to the scrumptious reputation it’s built abroad? Let’s tuck in and see, shall we?

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Burgers the Main Star

Kicking things off with the classic among classics, the ShackBurger. It’s a straightforward cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and the signature ShackSauce.

Shack burger

However, the beef patty is seasoned and grilled to such perfection. When you bite into it, a symphony of juices plays a tune so delightful, balanced splendidly with the unique ShackSauce and the fresh veggies.

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But hold your horses, the SmokeShack burger snatches the crown! The first bite is a revelation – not just the juicy marvel from the ShackBurger but also the crispy, aromatic applewood-smoked streaky beef that’s as addictive as biscuits.


Then comes the zesty punch of their cherry peppers, offering a tangy spiciness that’s simply divine. Though, a word to the wise: if pickles aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to give this a miss.

For those who don’t indulge in beef, fear not. The Shroom Burger has got your back, and it’s a household name for a reason.

Imagine a crisp-fried portobello mushroom oozing with melted Monterey Jack, Tilsiter, and Colby cheeses, adorned with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce, all nestled between their homemade potato bun.

Shroom burger

Dive in while it’s hot to experience the cheese pull of your dreams, but mind you, it’s hot – the packaging screams ‘HOT’ for a reason. The overall flavour? Spot on. The fried mushroom and the ensemble work together like a charm.

The Chicken Shack offers another option for non-beef eaters. A crispy chicken breast or thigh topped with lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo. The chicken is fried to perfection, though the herbs in the mayo might be slightly overpowering for us.

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Chicken shack

One thing to note about every burger from Shake Shack is that it is elevated by their homemade potato bun, imparting a unique aroma and a satisfyingly solid texture, with the distinctive ShackSauce tying everything together beautifully.

Sides and Little Secrets

Before we delve into the sides, here’s a juicy tidbit: did you know Shake Shack started off by peddling sausage buns?

Cheese sausage shake shack malaysia

It’s clear why they’ve become a beloved brand – their sausage is to die for. A simple combo of potato bun, signature beef sausage, and exclusive cheese sauce melds together in an unexpectedly sublime taste, though the sausage alone might lean on the salty side.

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Cheese fries

And that same cheese sauce on their fries? Absolutely smashing. Perfectly seasoned sauce meets golden, crispy thick wavy fries in a match made in heaven. Just don’t let them go cold – take our word for it.

Beverages to Wash It All Down

The drinks section starts with two types of lemonade – fresh lemonade and strawberry lemonade. Made with real cane sugar, they tend towards the tart side, with the original flavour being our preferred choice.


Next up are their signature sodas – sparkling lemonade in passionfruit and raspberry flavours. Both feature visible real fruit, like lemon slices, passionfruit seeds, and raspberry fruit, making the drinks taste natural and refreshing, especially the passionfruit – a true thirst-quencher.

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Sparkling lemonade

The highlight, however, is the Malaysia Exclusive Bunga Raya Shake, made with hibiscus jelly, topped with vanilla frozen custard blended with dragon fruit and gula melaka, and finished with whipped cream, coconut crumble, and a gula melaka drizzle. While it proudly features Malaysian flavours, it was a tad too rich for us.

Shake shack malaysia bunga raya shake

Concretes to Sweeten the Deal

Their desserts, dubbed concretes, are a blend of their velvety frozen custard with an assortment of mix-ins. Highlights include the classic Hey Macadamia!, Shack Attack, and the TRX-exclusive TRXopical Park, which you can never find elsewhere, not even in any other outlets in Malaysia.

Trx exclusive trxopical park concretes

Though a tad sweet for our liking, their homemade frozen custard is utterly smooth and delightful. If we had to choose, the chocolate flavour would be our favourite, but the TRX exclusive is also worth trying!

And Everything Else

The restaurant boasts a spacious interior with distinctive Shake Shack vibes, offering a comfortable setting, albeit a bit chilly due to the air conditioning.

Shake shack trx interior large

Additionally, those who have dined at Shake Shack locations abroad will recognize the familiar automatic hand washing station, enhancing customers’ experience by offering convenience and hygiene.

Hand washing station large

All in all, Shake Shack Malaysia did not disappoint on our first visit, with its burgers standing out in the local culinary scene.

The commitment to maintaining the brand’s high standards was evident, with Shake Shack flying in an Operations Manager from the United States to oversee the grand opening.

This move illustrates their dedication to quality, but the real test will be whether they can keep up these standards in the long run, a task that will surely be monitored closely by burger fans across Malaysia.

Check out our video here.

Is Shake Shack Malaysia on your list of must-tries? We’re eager to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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