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Seven Skies International School Celebrates A Decade of Holistic Education Excellence, Committed to Producing Well-Rounded Individuals

The Islamic International School also launched the 100 Heroes of Islam, showcasing Muslim role models from history to the present day.

Seven Skies International School (SSI), a provider of quality International Islamic education in Malaysia celebrated its tenth year in the Malaysian educational landscape, starting from 8 students in 2014 to 400 students today.

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Seven skies international school
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Established in 2014, SSI follows Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) UK for Kindergarten, UK National Syllabus for Primary, and IGCSE Cambridge for Secondary O Levels with a strong Islamic Education Curriculum focusing on the three pillars: Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Studies, and the Arabic language.

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Celebrating its decade-long journey in Malaysia, a 10th anniversary event was held on the school grounds. Among the event’s highlights was the unveiling of SSI’s achievements and milestones spanning the past decade.

Mayor of shah alam, cheremi tarman
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A significant feature was the inauguration of the 100 Muslim Heroes Annual Exhibition that was officiated by the mayor of Shah Alam, Cheremi Tarman, showcasing Muslim role models from history to the present day, open for  public admiration. 

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The inaugurated exhibition,
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During the event that was also attended by parents and prospective students, SSI also proudly shared their academic achievements to date. Ever since IGCSE was offered to its students in 2017, the passing rate of the exams have been 100% with an average of 89.5% of students obtaining the grades A* – B.

During the recent IGCSE exams, one of SSI’s students was awarded the Top In Malaysia for the Cambridge IGCSE Islamiyat syllabus during the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

In addition to quality academic education, SSI also offers a unique Character Development programme which is a primary essence of its syllabus. This programme focuses on building soft skills, promotes self-resilience and leadership skills along with emotional stability for students.

Latt Danial, an SSI alumna said “SSI had provided me with my identity not only as a Muslim but as a person as well, most of the foundation that I learned about being a valuable individual to the society  came from SSI – from the basics of Islamic worship to soft skills and social behaviour. I still keep up with all the practices that SSI has taught me until today, and I’m very grateful for all of that. Another aspect is the character-building teaching that SSI has taught me through the Social Theme Event and other matters like on how to eat, how to treat people, and how to treat the teachers. All of this I still hold up to myself, and it is part of my identity and I will forever be in debt to SSI”.

The school’s emphasis on holistic education represents an investment in the development of human capital, preparing students for future success in a variety of professional fields by fostering the students’ intellectual, cultural, and religious development.

Mr tahir usman, chief executive officer of ssi
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Mr Tahir Usman, Chief Executive Officer of SSI said, “SSI’s presence in Selangor has made a notable contribution to the local economy. Not only does the school attract local students, but it also serves as a magnet for international families. Many parents, drawn by SSI’s reputation for excellence, have chosen to settle in Selangor, thereby injecting vitality into the local economy through their contributions to housing, consumer spending, and various services. Together with parents, guardians, dedicated teachers and our remarkable students, we create a harmonious partnership that shapes the future of our Ummah”

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“In embracing diversity and fostering academic excellence, SSI not only shapes young minds but also enriches the fabric of our community.” added Tahir.

To know more on Seven Skies International School, visit www.sevenskies.edu.my

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