Serious-Li? More trouble brews for Cathryn amidst new allegations

And so it continues...

If you thought you’d seen plenty of drama surrounding Cathryn Li as of late, get ready to buckle yourself in for another wild ride because she’s about to land herself in controversy again.

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Last Wednesday (March 10), local movie producer Jack Lee Kok Heng published a blistering Facebook post accusing Cathryn of making his life a living nightmare while working alongside her as a colleague.

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Serious-li? More trouble brews for cathryn amidst new allegations
Jack shared his opinion about Cathryn on FB
(Photo from: FB/ Jack Lee Kok Heng)

In his post, he described Cathryn as a beautiful but self-centered co-worker who made things difficult for those around her.

“Ten years ago, we made an appointment to meet at PJ Tropicana. I waited for two hours, but she never turned up.”

According to Jack, many production companies, including his own, approached Cathryn, intending to collaborate with her. However, it often left a sour taste in their mouths as they couldn’t bear her condescending and arrogant attitude.

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Read his Facebook post here:

In response to Jack’s post, Cathryn came up with her post refuting everything he alleged about her, claiming that she refused to work with him because he would pressure her into drinking and sleeping with investors.

She also insisted that she’s still on friendly terms with other directors and producers. However, she deleted the post shortly afterwards.

Check out Cathryn’s post here:

Serious-li? More trouble brews for cathryn amidst new allegations
(picture taken from: FB/ Auguste關德輝)

The endless back and forth between the two has prompted actor Auguste Kwan to voice his support for Cathryn, with him calling Jack “cold-blooded”, “shameless”, and “despicable”.

Serious-li? More trouble brews for cathryn amidst new allegations
Auguste played the lead role in “Wira Wah” (Photo from: FB/ Auguste關德輝)

Auguste, who was involved in the movie “Wira Wah” (华Xiao英雄) together with Jack and Cathryn, claimed a female staff told him that Jack had asked her to sleep with an “important individual”, a request she firmly declined.

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“If she had told me about this earlier, I would’ve booted him out of the production team immediately and report him to the police.”

Auguste’s post:

Being accused of such a serious allegation, Jack published another Facebook post to defend himself. In it, he claimed the allegation about him asking the female staff to sleep around was entirely false.

“If you traced back to our quarrel (between himself and Auguste) years ago, you would find out that he described me as an “insignificant worker” in the production team. How can I have the authority to request staff members to sleep around?”

He also insisted that netizens should not jump to conclusions too quickly and instead discover the truth for themselves.

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Here’s his response to Auguste:

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Sources: (FB/ Auguste關德輝 , FB/ Jack Lee Kok Heng)

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