Sabah Police Officer Allegedly Accepts Bribe In Broad Daylight, Probe Ongoing

Bad cop.
Police are widely regarded to be those who are responsible for maintaining order and keeping corruption at bay. However, there are a few bad apples who damage the credibility of the police force.

A video showing a police officer allegedly accepting a bribe has recently gone viral on social media and prompted an investigation into the matter.

Sabah police officer allegedly accepts bribe

In the 16-second clip which has been circulating wildly online, it showed two police officers conversing with two young men dressed in black t-shirts in front of a shop lot.

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Sabah police officer allegedly accepts bribe in broad daylight, probe ongoing
Screenshot via Twitter/@mynewshub

As one of the officer walked away, one of the young man walked up to the other officer and hands him something while shaking his hand.

However, it’s not known what the item was.

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Sabah police officer allegedly accepts bribe in broad daylight, probe ongoing | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Twitter/@mynewshub

Police investigating

The incident has since caught the attention of the police, where an investigation has been launched.

Sandakan district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Fuad Abdul Malek said in a statement that the Sandakan District Police Headquarters (IPD) has received a public complaint about the clip.

Sandakan district police chief assistant commissioner abdul fuad abdul malek
Photo via Sabah Post

He added that the Sandakan IPD Integrity and Standard Compliance Division is currently carrying out investigations into possible wrongdoing.

We will not hesitate against the officer and the giver if there’s proof (of wrongdoing)”, he said as quoted by Kosmo!

He also urged those with further information on the case to contact the head of Integrity and Standard Compliance Division of Sandakan IPD, ASP Mohammed Noor Zaid Zainuddin at 013-3811239.

Watch the clip here:

We hope the police will identify the corrupt individual and bring him to justice soon!

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