Sabah frontliners go the extra mile in providing a proper burial for COVID-19 victim

This included crossing a river and climbing up a mountain.

RANAU– More than two years into the COVID-19 crisis, Malaysia is still experiencing a mental, physical and economic toll.

Even though 9,066 cases were reported yesterday, the lowest ever after more than three months in the 10,000 mark, there are still many who have lost their lives to the virus.

Malaysian Hospitals in the fight against Covid-19.
Image via: TheStraitsTimes

Thankfully, dedicated frontliners have taken it upon themselves to do whatever it takes to care for their patients, including funeral arrangements.

Top-notch commitment

A TikTok video showing a group of Sabahan frontliners providing a proper burial for a COVID-19 victim has gone viral.

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In the clip posted by @fyzajoe111, a group could be seen transporting a casket across the river while wearing full PPEs.

The casket was tied and secured onto a sampan as the frontliners navigated through waist-deep waters.

@fyzajoe111 Pengendalian Jenazah Covid19 oleh Team Kawalan Pej. Kesihatan Daerah Ranau dengan kerjasama APM Ranau di Kg Manikualu Gusi#covidisreal🌏💔 ♬ bunyi asal – 💪[email protected]@ [email protected]💪🌈 – 🐜Bo$$ Nucciy, ⚔️

According to @fyzajoe111, this was a collaboration between the Ranau District Health Office Control Team and the Ranau Civil Defence Force (APM) in Kampung Manikualu.

After crossing the river, the group then scaled up a mountain while carrying the casket through the jungle to the burial ground.

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@fyzajoe111 Sambungan.. Daripada sungai, meredah bukit manikulau untuk menghantar jenazah ke persemadian terakhir…#semogadiberkatiallahduniaakirat #covidisreal ♬ Perwira Negara – Unic

Mad respect to the frontliners

The video has since garnered 706.8k views and reposted across social media including Twitter.

Netizens took to the comment section to thank the frontliners for their hard work.

They also prayed for their protection from the virus as they handle the remains of COVID-19 patients.

As the country gradually moves into an endemic phase, let us continue to practice the SOPs and stay at home whenever possible to flatten the curve!

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Cover via: TikTok/@fyzajoe111

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