M’sian Woman Angered By RM20 Prawn Mee With Zero Ingredients Inside

All this for nothing.
Ordering food from delivery platforms can sometimes be a frustrating experience as there may be times where you don’t receive what you ordered or a big mess if the contents were to spill out.

A woman was left fuming after she paid close to RM20 for a prawn mee order she had placed, only to discover that it came with not a single ingredient inside.

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Penang greenhouse hokkien mee
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

Paid for RM20 prawn mee with zero ingredients

Taking to the Facebook group 吃的平台 to vent her frustration, the woman posted a photo of her prawn mee which she had ordered from a stall in Ipoh via a well-known food delivery platform.

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According to the photos accompanying the post, she had paid RM19.90 for the meal but to her dismay, all she got was a bowl of noodles and soup without the usual ingredients such as prawns, meat, and egg.

Needless to say, the woman was deeply unhappy with the order and blasted the stall in the caption.

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Prawn mee with no ingredients
Photo via FB/吃的平台

To the owner of the stall, I don’t know whether you’re able to sleep at night but I know I can’t. I paid RM19.90 just for a ‘kosong’ prawn mee? No ingredients at all and it’s just soup, noodles, and chili?

“This stall’s workers definitely have a problem. Do they they even bother reading the remarks left by customers?” she questioned.

The woman also claimed that she had several bad experiences with the same stall in the past but let it slide as she believed the staff got too busy during lunch hour, adding that her ‘kosong’ prawn mee was “too much”.

Mixed reactions

In the comment section, some netizens weren’t quite as sympathetic to the woman’s situation, with one joking that the stall’s staff were “sleeping very nicely” as they knew she wouldn’t complain despite messing up her order.

M'sian woman angered by rm20 prawn mee with zero ingredients inside comment 1
Screenshot via FB/吃的平台

Another said that the woman had no right to complain as she had willingly chosen to give the stall multiple chances despite their poor track record.

M'sian woman angered by rm20 prawn mee with zero ingredients inside comment 2
Screenshot via FB/吃的平台

On the other hand, some seemed to agree with the OP’s review of the stall, with one writing that the food and beverage were terrible and unappealing.

M'sian woman angered by rm20 prawn mee with zero ingredients inside comment 3
Screenshot via FB/吃的平台

What’s your take on this incident? Let us know in the comment section!

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