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Rich Brian & G-SHOCK: A Fusion Of Timeless Toughness And Artistic Nostalgia

How Rich Brian infuses his artistic nostalgia into G-SHOCK's iconic durability.

In the world of horology, few brands have established a legacy as enduring as G-SHOCK. Known for its unparalleled toughness, G-SHOCK has evolved both in durability and functionality since its inception in 1983.

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It’s not just a watch brand; it’s a cultural icon that continues to redefine the standards of timekeeping. Embracing this rich heritage, G-SHOCK has collaborated with Rich Brian, a celebrated artist from the influential label 88rising, to create a timepiece that is as unique as it is robust.

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A Watch That Tells More Than Time: The GA-2100

G-shock ga-2100

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the GA-2100 model, a rugged and stylish watch that draws inspiration from the G-SHOCK lineage. Known for its octagonal bezel and minimalistic design, this watch is not just a device to tell time; it’s a statement piece. Brian’s choice of the GA-2100 reflects his appreciation for G-SHOCK’s commitment to enduring design and innovation.

The Essence of Brian’s Nostalgia

What makes this collaboration truly special is the personal touch Brian brings to the GA-2100. Drawing inspiration from a guitar he cherished in his youth in Indonesia, Brian has infused the watch with a bold seafoam green base color complemented by salmon pink accents.

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Rich brian wearing g-shock ga-2100

This colour scheme is more than just visually striking; it’s a nod to Brian’s childhood memories and the guitar that fueled his early artistic aspirations. With his signature etched on the case back, the watch becomes a symbol of Brian’s journey from a young boy in Indonesia to an internationally recognized artist.

Rich Brian: A Tale of Unconventional Success

Rich Brian’s story is one of unconventional success and relentless pursuit of artistic expression. Homeschooled in Indonesia, he turned to the Internet to learn English and explore the world. Moving to America at 17, Brian’s journey has been marked by both awe-inspiring and grounding experiences.

Rich brian wearing g-shock ga-2100

His debut project “Amen,” released in February 2018, not only received critical acclaim but also made history on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. The year 2021 marked new heights in his career, underscoring his status as a trailblazing artist.

Get Your Hands on This Iconic Timepiece

The G-SHOCK x RICH BRIAN watch, priced at MYR 675, is more than just a watch; it’s a testament to resilience, artistic passion, and cultural legacy.

Rich brian wearing g-shock ga-2100

Available for sale at G-SHOCK’s official website and in select G-SHOCK Stores & key dealer stores from 15 December 2023, this timepiece is a must-have for watch enthusiasts and fans of Rich Brian. To stay updated on the latest news, follow G-SHOCK Malaysia on Instagram.

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