Restaurant treats man and his daughter to a free birthday meal after he was unable to pay for both

I'm not crying. You're crying.

Netizens were moved to tears over a touching incident which happened at a Japanese houtpot restaurant in Thailand on Saturday (Mar 19).

According to the Bangkok Post, a man had taken his daughter to a shabu-shabu restaurant named Halo Syabu located at the Wang Chan district of Rayong.

However, he didn’t have enough money to pay for both of them so he told his daughter to eat alone while he waited outside for her.

Not wanting to have a solo meal, his daughter refused to eat unless they did so together.

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A touching gesture

A waitress happened to overhear the conversation between the duo and quickly told restaurant owner Panumas Sroitong about it.

As the two were ready to walk out from the restaurant, Ms Panumas stopped them and said that the meal will be on the house.

After she was told that the man had brought his daughter over to celebrate her birthday, Ms Panumas instructed her staff to buy a birthday cake from nearby a convenience store for the girl.

As Ms Panumas and her staff watched the man and his daughter enjoy the celebration together, they couldn’t help but to silently weep over the heartwarming scene.

I saw how much he loved his daughter,” she later told several media outlets.

Watch the man and his daughter’s unforgettable celebration here:

The entire incident was later documented into a Facebook post which has since garnered more than 200k likes, with many praising the restaurant for their kindness.