Generations Of Love? Relive Your Heartfelt Core Memories with Mom This Mother’s Day!

Love is the eternal key.

Mother’s Day rolls around once again (yes, it’s the time of the year!). Are you scratching your head again, wondering what to gift your beloved mom this year? 

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If you’re circling ideas and nothing seems quite right, here’s a delightful little secret that might just solve your dilemma. 

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Pause for a Moment 

Before rushing out to buy a gift, why not sit back and journey through some of the most precious memories you’ve shared with your mom? It might be the golden key to getting the best gift. 

Mother and small son
Photo via Canva

​​Consider the moments like the tear-streaked goodbyes on your first day of school, or the chases with a rotan during your mischievous escapades. Remember the stormy teenage years when every conversation seemed to spark a rebellion?

And let’s not forget that proud moment when you could finally afford to treat her to a vacation, just the two of you. 

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Mother and daughter travel
Photo via Canva

These deeply personal, bittersweet memories, woven with love and lessons, are timeless, transcending generations. 

They endure because it’s in a mother’s nature to forge connections that keep her children anchored and strong, helping them to navigate life’s ups and downs with courage and love. 

Speaking of mother’s love, our badminton icon, Goh Liu Ying, has recently embarked on her own bittersweet journey of motherhood.

Goh liu ying and son
Screenshot via YT/ Watsons Malaysia

Watch this video to find out how she sails through the uneasiness with the secret weapon between her mother and her that serves as their core memory. 

Now, the Truly Hearty Gift 

Alright, enough of throwing back. Let’s get back to the real business, getting a legit gift! 

This Mother’s Day, turn your gratitude into action by giving your mom gifts that are as meaningful as the memories you treasure! 

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Instead of some super basic gifts, why not recreate some of these memorable experiences or give them something that evokes these warm memories? For example, something affordable and worthy that can make your mother healthier and prettier.  

For her health and inner beauty, explore Watsons’ extensive selection of healthcare products. From revitalising vitamins and supplements to nutritional drinks and inner beauty items, these products are perfect for keeping her fit and glowing radiantly every day. 

Watsons mother's day promo healthcare products

Pamper your mom with the finest in personal and skin care. Watsons offers everything she needs to elevate her self-care routine, including luxurious shampoos, advanced skin treatments, and soothing eye masks. Each item is chosen to nourish and enhance her well-being, ensuring she feels as cherished as she deserves.

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Watsons mother's day promo personal & skincare products

And for that touch of glamour, explore the diverse range of cosmetic products available at Watsons. Whether she loves experimenting with new looks or sticking to her classic beauty routine, these cosmetics will keep her looking as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!

Watsons mother's day promo cosmetics products

Yes, we get it. It’s so hard to choose among so many items right? Don’t worry because Watsons is here to help with a fantastic 50% discount on health and beauty essentials! Check out some of the inf 

Watsons mother's day promo 50%

But wait, there’s more! If you spend RM80 or more on participating brands, you’ll stand a chance to win one of five exclusive Watsons Brand product hampers valued at RM1,000 each.* Act quick because the contest only runs from April 23 to May 12, 2024!

*Terms and conditions apply. 

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Watsons mother's day hamper giveaway

What’s best about all these lovely Mother’s Day deals is that they are all exclusively for online purchases, which means the products will be delivered to your doorsteps. So convenient! 

Now, back to the golden question. What’s your core memory with your mom? Why? Because you might be one of the three winners to win RM500 worth of Watsons Point with it! 

Watsons mother's day contest

All you need to do is share that precious image or video of you two on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #mygenerationsoflove and #sayyestomothersday

Watsons mother's day contest steps

What are you waiting for? Dig them out and share them with us now! For more information about a heartfelt Mother’s Day with Watsons, check it out here

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Watsons on Facebook and Instagram.  

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