RapidKL MyCity 1-Day Pass Price Increases From RM5 To RM6, 3-Day Pass Remains At RM15

The pass is now available for international tourists as well.
In a bid to encourage public transport usage and accommodate the needs of diverse commuters, Prasarana, the operator of RapidKL trains and buses, has implemented changes to the pricing structure of its MyCity Pass.

The adjustment, effective today, March 8th, 2024, reflects a strategic move to balance affordability with service provision. Let’s delve into the details of these price revisions and their implications for commuters in the Klang Valley.

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Price adjustment overview

Photo by WeirdKaya

The MyCity Pass, initially introduced in 2019, has undergone several modifications in response to varying circumstances.

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During the pandemic in 2020, RapidKL reduced the pass price to RM5 per day, exclusively for Malaysian users, aiming to stimulate public transport usage amidst challenging times.

However, as the situation evolves and with the anticipation of increased international tourism, Prasarana has revised the pricing structure to accommodate a broader spectrum of commuters.

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Revised pricing for Malaysians and non-Malaysians

Mycity pass touch n' go
Photo via paultan.org

Under the latest adjustments, the daily MyCity Pass for Malaysian users sees a marginal increase to RM6, while the price for the 3-day pass remains unchanged at RM15.

Conversely, non-Malaysians can now access the pass at RM10 for a single day or RM25 for three days.

Activation and usage considerations

Touch n' go card
Photo via Touch n’Go

To activate the MyCity Pass, commuters must possess a Touch ‘n Go card (TNG Card) with a minimum balance of RM5. This requirement underscores the importance of proactive card management to ensure uninterrupted access to the pass’s benefits.

Whether purchasing the TNG card at RapidKL customer service offices or convenience stores, commuters must maintain the requisite minimum balance to activate their desired pass duration.

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