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Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rafizi Ramli Tells PH Supporters Over PM Announcement

To be on the safe side.

Following the announcement of Anwar Ibrahim finally becoming Prime Minister, Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli has warned Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters not to gloat excessively.

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No celebratory gatherings

In a series of tweets by Rafizi, he urged Malaysians and PH supporters to respect and understand the situation as PKR and PH have yet to release a statement about forming a unity government.

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Curb your enthusiasm, rafizi ramli tells ph supporters over pm announcement | weirdkaya
Photo via NST

I urge everyone not to hold celebratory gatherings in order to avoid the risk of provocation.

“I also advised everyone to be cautious with media statements released by politicians and content on social media as it can be used for provocative purposes.

“We need to move forward and learn to work together to rebuild Malaysia for the sake of the future and prosperity of every Malaysian from all groups, races, states and background,” he wrote.

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