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Olympic diver Quan Hongchan named in Forbes’ China 30 under 30 list, the youngest name ever

She did it, again.

China’s 14-year-old diver Quan Hongchan made global headlines after grabbing gold at the Tokyo Olympics and China National Games, making her the latest diving sensation.

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Now, she has added another feather to her cap after being shortlisted for Forbes‘ China 30 Under 30 (Sports) list 2021, which was published on Thursday (Sept 16).

Quan Hongchan: Youngest on the list

According to Forbes’ China, Quan is the youngest person on the overall list of 300, which includes 30 names for 10 separate industries.

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Quan hongchan grabs gold at tokyo olympic(2)
Quan Hongchan in action. Credit: RTM Olympic

Her counterpart, 17-year-old Chen Yuxi, was also inducted into the list as the second-youngest athlete.

Also on the list are badminton gold medallist Chen Yufei, rowers Chen Yunxia, Cui Xiaotong, Zhang Ling, butterfly swimmer Zhang Yufei, weightlifter Chen Lijun, Li Fabin, Li Wenwen, Shi Zhiyong, Wang Zhouyu and Hou Zhihui.

The publication also noted that women made up around one-third of the list.

However, of the 30 in the sports section, there were just nine male athletes compared to 21 females.

Forbes china 30 under 30 sports section
Credit: Forbes’ China

All hail the diving queen!

Quan has been declared as China’s most famous diving star after spending a mere ten months with the national team.

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Quan hongchan grabs gold at tokyo olympic

With just a freshie in the national team, she also won two gold medals in China’s recent National Games competition.

China government newspaper Renmin Daily also dedicated a special coverage of Quan, making her one of the very few athletes to be featured in national news.

The story of Quan Hongchan is undoubtedly one about growth. We need to protect her together to let this warm story continue.

Renmin Daily also posted a 14-second-long video of Quan entering the stadium during the opening ceremony.

Quan hongchan renmin daily coverage
Quan Hongchan was featured on Renmin daily’s Weibo.

All the best, Quan!

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