PPV staff wear traditional costumes to celebrate Sarawak’s Independence Day

Happy Sarawak Independence Day!

Malaysians have been flexing their creativity recently by turning their vaccination appointment into a fashion show by dressing up in different costumes to lighten the mood at various PPVs.

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Ppv staff wear traditional costumes to celebrate sarawak's independence day
Photo via Facebook/ unimasofficial

Today, in conjunction with Sarawak’s Independence Day, a group of staff at the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) PPV wore traditional costumes to celebrate the special occasion while serving their fellow Sarawakians.

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In a post shared by UNIMAS, we can see the staff displaying Sarawak’s diversity in all its glory through the costumes they wore.

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The PPV recently made headlines with visitors dressing up as different characters such as the Minions, Sailormoon, Donald Duck and more.

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Aren’t Malaysians creative? Tell us in the comment section which cartoon character you want to be if you had the chance!

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