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Police called to investigate “dead body” turned out to be a wax doll

April Fool's came a tad too early.

SHAH ALAM – A waste management worker had the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a package shaped like a human and tightly wrapped in plastic at Section 27 here yesterday (Feb 9), thinking that it was a dead body.

After alerting the police, dozens of officers were deployed to the scene and cordoned off the area.

Police called to investigate "dead body" turned out to be a wax doll
Photo from Twitter

However, to their immense surprise, the “dead body” was actually a female-shaped wax doll which had been disposed alongside the trash.

Shah Alam police chief Baharudin Mat Taib told FMT that police had received a call from the worker at 3 pm and immediately dispatched the forensic team for further investigation.

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“The case has now been classified as No Offence Disclosed (NOD) and we urge the public not to speculate on the photos that have been shared on social media,” he said.

Police kena pranked by wax doll?

Despite the warning, netizens couldn’t help but be amused by how police were fooled into thinking they had discovered a “corpse”

Several photos of the “crime scene” have also gone viral on Twitter and invited a wave of laughter and disbelief.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA it had been a long time since I’ve laughed until tears came out,” one netizen wrote.

Police called to investigate

Another wrote, “The mannequin is giving the ‘eh eh it’s not me!’ kinda look too.”

Police called to investigate

Another netizen even went as far as to suggest that the police were scammed by the wax toy as a “punishment’ for not assisting scam victims.

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Police called to investigate

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