Perak Mufti Calls For Coldplay Concert To Be Cancelled Out Of Respect For Gaza Victims

"We want it cancelled out of respect for the 11,000 lives lost."
With less than a week away from Coldplay’s anticipated concert at the Bukit Jalil Stadium next Wednesday (Nov 22), fans are gearing up to witness the band in action.

However, not everyone is happy with the news, with the latest grouse being raised by Majlis Ulama ISMA (MUIS), a religious department in Perak.

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‘Cancel Coldplay’s concert!’

In a statement issued by Perak Deputy Mufti and MUIS chairman Datuk Zamri Hashim, he said that the organisation “strongly condemns” the upcoming concert slated to be held next week.

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MUIS requests the authorities to cancel this concert out of respect for the suffering faced by our brethren in Palestine who are currently being bombed and attacked, resulting in the loss of over 11,000 lives.

“We also urge all Muslims not to participate in the concert as it’s a sin to turn a blind eye towards what’s happening in Palestine, which you will be held accountable for one day,” he said.

Palestinians holding a protest
Photo via Pexels

Zamri added that Coldplay has been linked to the LGBT movement and that it’s in direct opposition with Islamic teachings.

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In the meantime, he also called upon Malaysians not to shirk their responsibility in helping and supporting their fellow Muslims in Palestine and should do so by offering prayers, financial aid, or spreading public awareness.

Coldplay is currently on the Asian leg of its ‘Music Of The Spheres Tour’, where they have performed in Taiwan and Indonesia.

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