Penang Condo Management Apologises Over Alleged Azan Ban, Says Discussion Was Meant To Be Private

Religious tensions escalate in condominium dispute.

In a world where beliefs and traditions intertwine with daily life, religion stands as a profound source of solace, guidance, and unity for many. It shapes communities, offers solace in times of uncertainty, and connects individuals through shared faith.

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However, within the tapestry of religious diversity, a condominium in Tanjung Tokong has become embroiled in a contentious controversy that threatens to disrupt the delicate harmony among its residents.

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This tension revolves around the use of loudspeakers in the surau of the Tanjung Tokong condominium, which came to light through a viral video.

The video shed light on the Joint Management Body’s (JMB) decision to prohibit the use of two large loudspeakers outside the surau for the Azan (Muslim call to prayer), allowing only the smaller loudspeakers from inside the surau instead.

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This contentious issue led to a dialogue session between the JMB of the condominium and the residents, aiming to address the ongoing matter within the residence.

A heated discussion ongoing regarding azan at tri pinnacle condo, penang.
Screenshot via Twitter/@RaggieJessie

However, the situation escalated and grew tense when the JMB brought up the topic of loudspeakers in the condominium surau, further intensifying the disagreement between the parties involved.

The recent viral video, capturing the heated argument between the residents and the management committee, was revealed to have been recorded in March by an activist Sophian Zain, adding a temporal context to the situation.

Following the controversy, the JMB of the condominium has issued an apology for the misunderstanding surrounding the Azan issue.

Tri Pinnacle management committee chairman Alex Low clarified that an internal discussion on the installation of surau speakers was withdrawn due to its sensitive nature.

He expressed regret for the confusion caused and personally apologised to all Muslims affected.

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Try pinnacle manager alex low shaking hand with surau saidina umar manager, muhammad nasir.
Photo via Sinar Harian

“We regret that an internal discussion that was private has been spread around to cause confusion. We would like to apologize to all Muslims for this issue. I personally apologize if I angered anyone.”

Meanwhile, Penang deputy chief minister who also serves as the chairman of the state Islamic religious council, Zakiyuddin Rahman claimed that Sophian’s video had the potential to stir hatred and confuse the public, accusing the activist of publishing it with malicious intent.

Sophian should have been more cautious in making a statement on this case, considering it is currently under investigation by the MAINPP

“Sophian’s video does not take into account what is happening behind the scenes,” stated Zakiyuddin in demanding Sophian apologise over the video.

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Nevertheless, Sophian defended his video and refused to do so.

Nurul iman mosque, johor.
Photo via Harian Metro. For illustration purposes only.

According to a report from New Straits Times, the police have summoned the joint management body (JMB) of the condominium as well as the management of the condominium’s surau, to record their statements regarding the ban on azan in the surau.

State police chief Datuk Khaw Kok Chin emphasised that diplomatic means are being used to address the matter due to its religious nature.

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“We are trying to resolve this issue harmoniously, but it is still under our attention. We are also trying to use a more diplomatic way because this issue is a religious one, a sensitive issue. Both parties have been called to find a solution together. This issue is sensitive, so we have to be careful.” He shared.

The Malaysian Islamic Affairs Department (MAINPP) also has released an official media statement addressing a viral video regarding the correctness of the call to prayer at Surau Tri Pinnacle Tanjong Tokong Qaryah Mosque Karwa.

Azan ban issue clarification at sri pinnacle media statement.
Photo via Zakiyuddin.my

In the statement, MAINPP has identified a misleading viral video regarding the call to prayer at Surau Tri Pinnacle Tanjong Tokong Qaryah Mosque Karwa.

They emphasize that the use of loudspeakers outside mosques and suraus is permitted for the azan and iqamah only, based on a previous decision.

MAINPP expresses regret regarding a controversial video released by Mohd Sophian Mohd Zain and demands an apology, the removal of the videos, and a clarification to Muslims.

It also mentions the importance of avoiding statements that may stir hatred and tension between races and religions.

This incident reminds us to embrace diverse beliefs and practices, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can freely express their faith without discrimination. By doing so, we contribute to a harmonious society that celebrates the richness of different religious traditions.


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